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It's all in the name

posted 31 Mar 2014, 01:01 by Daniel Bryden   [ updated 31 Mar 2014, 01:06 ]
I had my eyes opened after a conversation with a friend the other week. We were talking about websites and the services that I can offer, and he explained the idea of funnelling your traffic to where it needs to be.
In Bryden Consulting we offer a number of services from actual consulting to more specific solutions. I am currently pushing the solutions side of the business and I am thinking that a name specifically for that could be of benefit.
Trying to come up with a name for a business that sounds good is one thing; trying to think of one that hasn't been taken, that has an available domain name and Twitter, Facebook and G+ links is somewhat more difficult.
So I have a plan, and an offer: if you can think of a name for the solutions side of the company (on the caveat that the domain exists and it can work on Twitter etc.), you can have a day of my time for free.
That's all very well, but I can hear you asking the very key question: what does he do???


I do spreadsheets and I do them well. I can program in VBA, the programming language that sits behind Excel. If you work with spreadsheets and you think that you spend too much time on them, I can save you that time. If you are manipulating large amounts of data to produce reports then I can automate that process for you. If you are doing repetitive tasks in Excel then you should look to see if you can have them automated - reducing 2 hours a week to 5 minutes is a significant saving over the year.

Process Analysis and Improvement

If you find confusion at some points in your business and need to put robust processes in place, we can work with you to do that. We can also look at changing your processes to improve how you work, making you more efficient and saving you time.

Project Management

If you have a sizeable project to do we can offer ad hoc project management. This will involve the kick off work (generation of plans, risks, issues etc.) and then regular contact to ensure that the project is on time and in budget. When smaller businesses are busy it can be hard to keep track of what is happening; we can help.

Failure Demand Analysis (inbound call analysis)

We have tools to help you understand your inbound calls. If you have a function in your business that receives a lot of calls, you will know that not of all those calls need to happen.
With our consultancy and logging tools we can analyse the calls that are coming in, review these with the call handlers to understand them and then develop solutions to reduce the number of calls.

Proclaim Database Updates

We have worked with Proclaim Case Handling systems and can do updates and maintenance.

And finally...

The key thing with our business model is that we aim to save you more than you spend. Personally I take a lot of pleasure from helping a business and seeing the results, especially when the saving is that of time.
Any work will include an analysis of the existing situation so that we can understand the projected saving across the next couple of years.

If you can think of a snappy name (it doesn't have to explain what we do, just be good!) then a day of my time could be yours. If it helps, on a non-work related theme amongst other things I like horses, motorbikes, scuba diving, squash, walking and mathematics.

Start the suggestions!