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Touch Typing for Efficiency

posted 9 Mar 2012, 04:35 by Daniel Bryden   [ updated 11 Jun 2013, 04:50 ]
When you spend your time looking at Operational Efficiency, your mind starts to spend increasing amounts of time wondering how life can be improved.
Frustration mounts at your local pub as the bar staff spend most of their time walking backwards and forwards to reach out of place drinks and glasses, and you start to wonder why we spend so much time in life trying to decide whether we need a small, medium or large, when most of the time the sizes are almost the same (I always order a medium).
To a certain degree I am able to touch type. I am self taught but the fingers rest over the keyboard correctly and I can put together an email quickly. When I look at the people working around me, wherever I go, I see some very highly paid individuals spending a lot of time writing the shortest of emails.
From an Operational point of view this seems to be a waste. If you put this in to a call centre where staff on measured on the time they spend on a case, those that can type quickly are going to be more productive. If you send 10 emails a day and each one takes 6 minutes to compose, doubling your typing speed would save half an hour a day. In an office of 16 people you have just saved one FTE.
I believe that touch typing needs to be a compulsory lesson at school. It is a skill that will improve productivity in the work place, and the reality is that everyone will be typing in the future. Even for simple tasks - chatting on Facebook or filling in online insurance forms, it will save the world time.
Touch typing is the new writing, and it needs to be encouraged at all levels.