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(Un)limited Broadband

posted 15 Nov 2011, 07:45 by Daniel Bryden   [ updated 13 Dec 2011, 04:15 ]
It amazes me that in the data rich world that we live in, domestic ISPs are still offering broadband contracts with a limit on the amount of data you can download.
I spent 18 months on a 1Gb download limit with BT. I thought that this would be fine as I work away a lot and I consequence I don't use my own internet connection often. Unfortunately a single session of upgrading an iPhone, an iPad and iTunes completely destroyed that. Add on a couple of episodes from iPlayer and the penalty for breaking the limits are high.
I have since moved to Virgin broadband where you pay for speed and not for quantity. Surely this is the way forward? My main difficulty was knowing how much data I had used and I would rather not have to worry about it.

We need a review of this. In this age unlimited broadband needs to be a certainty and not an option.