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We love Excel

posted 27 Mar 2014, 07:24 by Daniel Bryden
It has been a very good morning. I have spent nearly 4 hours at the Sleaford offices of Wright Vigar, learning about managing staff, SEO optimisation and how to sell. In my line of work, the second two are essential and I hope that one day the first will be of great use too.
The two speakers were great: Tim Meagher and David Clarke outlined their subjects incredibly well, keeping everyone in the room engaged for the entire time. Wright Vigar were excellent hosts.

I have taken away a lot of valuable information, and you are seeing two things in operation here.

Firstly, I am going to say that we love Excel. It isn't the only thing that we do, but when we do it we love it. To be able to go in to a business, improve how they use their spreadsheets and deliver substantial time savings is incredibly satisfying. In fact what we really love is seeing our customers realise how much time they have just saved, either through Excel improvements or through more general process improvements.

Secondly, you're probably reading this because I've posted it on Twitter and LinkedIn. Hopefully a brief link and a bit of curiosity has brought you here (I'll no doubt keep the Realtime Google Analytics open all afternoon). If you've liked a link, someone else will see that you've liked it, and maybe they come here as well.

I'm going to read back through the notes and see what else I will be doing differently. I know that I will be reading Dan Pink's book 'The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us'. I picked up on this a couple of weeks ago and it was mentioned by Tim again today. It is fascinating reading for anyone that employs staff, even if it's only a small team.