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We have worked with Homebase since 2005 on numerous projects. We are delighted that we are still able to offer our support.

Audit Team

The ongoing work is around the audit team and the systems that were put in place to improve efficiency. By automating the collation of audit results and the reporting of them, we were able to save time and improve accuracy.

Import Finance

The work with Import Finance looked at reducing the time taken each month on one report. The new system drew information from numerous sources and then created the pre-formatted report. The final solution simplified the entire process, saving valuable resource time.

Supplier Finance

This piece of work started as a relatively simple piece of work to resolve debit note issues in SAP.  A resolution was specified but it was clear that there were a number of operational issues that were contributing to the problem.

Challenges with cost price maintenance, supplier compliance and goods receiving in stores and distribution centres were identified.   A new master data unit, new terms and conditions of trading and a supplier manual were implemented, and new procedures for goods receiving in stores and distribution centres were put into place.

Delivery of these solutions enabled a £ multi million reduction in the number of debit notes which permitted collection of prompt settlement discounts.