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It is very sad that Oddbins is no longer operating in its original format (although some stores are still operating as part of Whittalls Wines).

We managed two pieces of work for Oddbins, supply chain management and implementation of store automatic replenishment.

The supply chain management role commenced when the build up to peak trading had already commenced.  Emergency measures were put in place in order to deliver planned stocks, and a good peak was achieved.  The supply chain team was restructured to best match aptitude to replenishment patterns and a supply chain manager was successfully recruited.

This freed us up to deliver automatic store replenishment.  Store were given on options for volume lines but retained order control for wine parcels.  Replenishment was piloted and rolled out across all stores and business to business replenishment was added.  

Smooth and reliable replenishment meant that less stock had to be held in the warehouse and allowed a reduction from four warehouses to just two, and the implementation of co-storage of duty free and duty paid stocks in the Wimbledon warehouse.