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We have really enjoyed working with Tesco.  

Our first piece of work was with Electrical where we developed and implemented reporting designed to reduced the level of returns.  

In the process we also introduced Returns Agreements and Jobbing Agreements in order to put a legal framework around the supplier returns relationships.

We chose QlikView and implementation partners Capricorn Ventis to deliver the reporting.  QlikView is a very powerful tool that was able to combine data from many and varied sources to provide powerful and actionable information.  Results have been very exciting and resulted in the testimonial below.

While delivering the returns reporting we were asked to deliver the UK non food returns solution into the Irish Republic.

This was a complicated piece of work as some returns stock was to be returned to UK and this gave rise to complex tax and vat issues.  All were resolved effectively and the software and processes were implemented without problem.

We were also asked to complete a full review of Tesco Branded Telecoms and to produce recommendations for change and improvement.  Recommendations were carefully targeted to deliver real improvement and were accepted in full.


I have known Ian Bryden since November when I joined the Electrical Aftersales team.  Ian has been leading the plan to bring Tesco IT systems up to date in its reporting of Returns.

Ian has been instrumental in planning this operation which has been complex from the outset.  He has planned the tasks in detail, executed these plans and reviewed timely keeping the key stakeholders in the loop throughout this detailed process.

Ian's operating style is very planned and organised - as such I have had complete confidence in him and he has needed limited guidance from myself in achieving our goals.  He has finished the project on time and I am now armed with a host of IT information that I only could have dreamed of 12 months ago.

Moreover, Ian's personal style is also very warm and friendly.  He has been an asset to our team and I would heartedly recommend his services to anyone in the future.