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When working with clients we make use of numerous technical skills to work as efficiently as possible. This area highlights some of the code that we use, so that you can take advantage of it as well.

SharePoint CSS

posted 10 Sep 2012, 01:48 by Daniel Bryden   [ updated 10 Sep 2012, 04:05 ]

Is something niggling you on your SharePoint site? You can add some CSS to your SharePoint pages by using a Content Editor Webpart.
At the top of the page, add your Content Editor Webpart. View the Source and use the following syntax to add your CSS:
[css] <style> == standard css == </style> [/css]
To really make use of this you will need to find the Class names that are used on the SharePoint page. A simple 'View Source' followed by a search will help you to do this. If you search for nearby text on the page, you will soon identify the Class that you want to change.
If you want to make the description on a list page a bit bigger and bolder, use the following code:
[css] <style> .ms-listdescription {font-weight:bold;font-size:12pt;} </style> [/css]
You may find the column headers annoying on the front page of the site. These can easily be removed with one of these:
[css] <style> .ms-viewheadertr {display: none;} </style> [/css]
Once you start looking at the Source of the page to understand what is available, you can change pretty much anything.

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