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Free up your time.

It's time to dust those spreadsheets and free up some time in your work day. The chances are that you use Excel regularly, and the chances are that you don't realise how powerful a tool it is.
It may be that a better understanding of how Excel works could help you to work more efficiently. We can work with your staff to improve their skills and free up their time.

Call us on 07841 508012 or email excel@bryden-consulting.co.uk to discuss your requirements and start freeing your time ready for summer.

We can automate your everyday Excel tasks.

  • If you find yourself compiling a spreadsheet each week for reporting, we can add code to pull the data in and create the report for you.
  • If you regularly create new versions of a spreadsheet, that can be automated.
  • If you have to send a report to the same person each week, that can be automated.
  • If you do a lot of checking of information, that can be automated.